Staff | Glacier City Gazette
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Meet Our Team:

We cover the communities of Rainbow, Indian, Bird Creek, Crow Creek, Girdwood, Portage, Whittier, Moose Pass, Cooper Landing, Hope and South Anchorage.

I’ve been around journalism all of my life, though I never expected to publish a newspaper...

Marc Donadieu

Publisher / Editor-in-Chief

Emily was born and raised in Iowa City, Iowa and received dual degrees in Journalism and Spanish...

Emily Maxwell

Associate Editor

I live in Anchorage half the time and in Girdwood the other half...

Sue Todd

Staff Writer

I don’t know if it’s because my kids were born here or because I was born here...

Jeannine Jabaay

Staff Writer

I’m a local Girdwood photographer fascinated by capturing everyday life experiences...

Benjamin Fletcher

Contributing Photographer

I’m a lifelong Alaskan living in Girdwood. Love to take photos & share them with all...

Gail Hille

Contributing Photographer

Beginning at West Anchorage High in 1961, Lewis honed his craft in many black & white darkrooms...

Lewis Leonard

Contributing Photographer

I consider myself lucky to live in Girdwood with my hubby...

Lesley de Jaray

Associate Publisher / Contributing Photographer

Having since retired, I do next to nothing except play music, monoski, fish, hunt, hike, bike...

David Todd

Contributing Photographer

I’m a born and bred California girl, but Alaska has been home for the past 16 years...

Amy Newman

Staff Writer

Ralph Kristopher began shooting in 1992 when his grandfather Richard F. Myers...

Ralph Kristopher

Contributing Photographer

Born and raised in Oregon, I was taught how to thrive in the wild.

Morgan Smith

Staff Writer

Rick has been a student of photography since the 1970’s...

Rick Dennis

Contributing Photographer

Matthew came to Alaska in the year 2001. Fortune landed him in Girdwood and he’s been here ever since...

Matthew Bailey

Graphic Designer & Webmaster