Marc Donadieu Bio | Glacier City Gazette
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Marc Donadieu

Publisher / Editor-in-Chief

I’ve been around journalism all of my life, though I never expected to publish a newspaper. My father was a journalist, I’ve always read newspapers, and I’ve taken journalism classes. I’ve learned a lot about language use and editing by earning a Ph.D. in English, teaching college writing classes, and teaching high school/middle school in the bush.

I’ve always enjoyed photography from a young age. I am mostly self-taught, but I have learned from taking courses and observing the work of others. Living in Alaska for the past 10 years has allowed me to take my photography skills to a new level. Turnagain Arm is an amazing, dynamic area, which makes taking photos and writing articles a truly rewarding experience. There is always something different to see and learn.

Some other interests are hiking, culinary arts and travelling. Everywhere I go, I taste something new and different because I like to challenge my palate and see what is out there. Some of the best cultural communication and understanding comes through experiencing food and challenging the taste buds, whether it is where you live or in another country.

I’m a curious person interested in documenting events and people in the area through writing and photography. Working at the Glacier City Gazette has allowed me to have some amazing experiences that I get to share with readers.