Jeannine Jabaay Bio | Glacier City Gazette
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Jeannine Jabaay

Staff Writer

I don’t know if it’s because my kids were born here or because I was born here, perhaps it’s because my mom was born here, or maybe it’s because her parents were born here, but I love this state. My great grandparents pioneered to Alaska by train, ferry and dog sled in the early 1900’s. They say that it’s almost impossible to transplant a deeply rooted tree, and that’s true enough for me and Alaska. I can’t imagine making any other place home.

I have self-described dual residency in Hope, Alaska and South Anchorage, so clearly my heart belongs on the Turnagain Arm. There simply is no place in the world that continues to take my breath away as I take in the ever-changing artwork of God along the Arm. If I were a painter (which I so am not), I would need canvas after canvas to show its majesty.

There isn’t a single day that I don’t somehow seek an adventure and a memory, be it a rock to climb up, a mountain to paraglide off, or a glass of bubbly to toast with. I’m an avid reader, although I have yet to finish a single self-help book. Biographies in novel form and historical fiction are more to my liking. Working for the Glacier City Gazette allows me to tap into a writing style that both challenges and excites me. My goal is to bring stories to life in an interesting and witty presentation. Cheers, and happy reading!