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Headline Reads

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Headline Reads

3 Compelling Stories from Home and Away

By Robert Foran III
Associate Editor

ALASKA — From nbcnewyork.com
alaska-icon-blackA rodeo cow named Betsy has evaded capture for six months as she wanders the trails of Alaska’s biggest city, said Frank Koloski, the cow’s owner. Betsy headed to the Hilltop Ski Area and was spotted grazing on slopes during the summer. She then moved to the network of trails that crisscross the Anchorage Hillside when snow fell.

With a rotating crew of others, Koloski said he has spent “hours, days probably” searching for the cow. Anchorage police, animal control authorities and the Bureau of Land Management have relayed information about the cow’s whereabouts, but she continues to elude him.

“I know deep down this cow doesn’t want to be caught,” Koloski said.

NATIONAL — From npr.org
united-states-icon-blackIn the fourth week of a partial government shutdown that has left more than 800,000 federal employees furloughed or working without pay, there’s at least one tiny consolation: Free beer.

Now anyone can offer a little encouragement to a government worker, at least within the District of Columbia, by buying them a beer through the website payitfurloughed.com.

“Beers available NOW,” reads the Pay It Furloughed website. As of Jan. 17, more than 2,300 free beers were available to furloughed and unpaid federal workers, with over 500 already consumed. Both numbers were rising steadily.

INTERNATIONAL — From huffingtonpost.com
globe-icon-blackVladmir Putin’s rugged sex appeal may be making Japanese women all hot and bothered. It seems a 2019 calendar featuring the 66-year-old Russia president in various states of shirtlessness is the top-selling calendar at Loft, a popular Japanese household-items chain.

Calendar photos show Putin dipping into a freezing lake in January, playing ice hockey in February, and frolicking in the snow with dogs in December.