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The Local Look Back…


The Local Look Back…

By Morgan Smith
Staff Writer

I always knew that locally we thought big, but I found the excerpt you are about to read inspiring as the community of Girdwood reached for the stars. I wanted to share this piece to continue to encourage everyone to never stop dreaming. I found this uncredited piece in The Local News, created by Four Valleys Community School, November 1986, Volume 6, Issue 10.

Girdwood Supports Anchorage’s Bid For 1992 Olympics!!!

Over 150 people turned out for the lighting of the torch and the start of the Olympic Torch Run held in Girdwood October 4th. Under a crisp, clear, autumn sky, a festive atmosphere was achieved by the enthusiastic citizens of Girdwood.

At 10 a.m. the Girdwood School Band played “Chariots of Fire”, after which a brief introduction was given by Steve Gates, Girdwood’s Representative on the AOC. John Baker, Rick Mystrom and Dana Brockway gave short speeches on the 1992 Olympics and Girdwood/Alyeska’s part in the awesome event, after which the Olympic Torch was lit and the run started from Girdwood to Anchorage. The run was started by Dave Walsh, Assemblyman; handed off to Steve Gates; then carried on down the Alyeska Highway and on to the Seward Highway towards Anchorage by other Girdwood Runners. The torch runners were followed down the length of the Alyeska Highway by five flag carriers and supporters of all ages and sizes.

At the height of the ceremony when the Olympic torch was lit, the Girdwood School Band played another spine-tingling chorus of Chariots of Fire, while at the same time 500 helium balloons sailed up into the air. The citizens of Girdwood and other participators could not have given a more enthusiastic backing to the 1992 Olympics.