The 'Local' Look Back | Glacier City Gazette
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The ‘Local’ Look Back


The ‘Local’ Look Back

By Morgan Smith
Staff Writer

The article you are about to read is as unique as the area we reside, and I wanted to share it because it made me smile. I found it in The Local News created by Four Valleys Community School, February 1981, Volume 1, Issue 3, written by Gordon Scott.

Martians Land in Portage
Several years ago one of the local residents (preferring to remain anonymous as do all Portage people) repeatedly reported to me that the Martians had landed in Portage, and that he was in communication with them. I always asked him to introduce me to one, but they had invariably departed for other worlds.
The Martians had much of interest in their terrestrial contact. They have no problems landing in any weather this valley can offer. They do not have flashing colored lights and eerie glows. Instead they have precise feeling instruments similar in concept to our radar aboard their highly maneuverable craft. They always land in a different spot.
One reason they picked Portage for their contact is because the super cold of their magnetic engine does not leave tracks as there is little vegetation on the gravel to freeze and lose color. Also, with so few local people, they can slip in and out of here unnoticed in their white ship.
In the next issue, I will discuss their business here.