Frozen in Time | Glacier City Gazette
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Frozen in Time

Frozen in Time

By Emily Maxwell
Associate Editor

November 10 – CBS news anchor Dan Rather claims he was kidnapped by Chicago cab driver Eugene Phillips; Phillips claims he held Rather after he refused to pay his fare. The dispute takes place after Phillips is unable to produce his chauffer’s license for Rather while en route to the home of author Studs Terkel. – 1980

November 11 – World War I ends after Germany signs an armistice agreement. The four-year-long war results in nine million dead soldiers and 21 million wounded. In addition, at least five million civilians died from disease, starvation or exposure. Twenty years later, legislation is passed to honor the end of the war, and November 11 becomes known as “Armistice Day,” later changed to Veteran’s Day. – 1918

November 12 – Ellis Island closes its doors after processing more than 12 million immigrants since opening in 1892. On its first day of operation, almost 700 immigrants were processed through the station. Today, an estimated 40 percent of Americans can trace their roots through Ellis Island. – 1954

Courtesy photo
The dining room at Ellis Island on December 28, 1922. Men and women ate separately, with small children accompanying their mothers. A Kosher kitchen was built in 1911 to accommodate Jewish families.

November 13 – 28-year-old Karen Silkwood is killed in a car accident north of Oklahoma City. Silkwood, employed as a technician at Kerr-McGee Corporation’s plutonium plant, had been critical of the plant’s health and safety procedures. The night she died, she was en route to a meeting with a union representative and a New York Times reporter, along with a folder full of documents proving the company had acted negligently regarding worker safety at the plant. The documents were never found and suspicion remains regarding the “accidental” nature of her death. – 1974

November 14 – Albert Einstein presents his article on “quantum theory of light,” exploring what light is and how it behaves. The article was one of four during Einstein’s ground-breaking annus mirabilis or “Miracle Year,” in which he single-handedly changed views on space, time, mass and energy and contributed substantially to the foundation of modern physics. – 1905

November 15 – A package from the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski begins smoking in the cargo hold on a flight from Chicago to Washington, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing. – 1979

November 16 – Congress passes the Trans-Alaska Pipeline Authorization Act, clearing the way for construction of an oil pipeline from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez. – 1973