The ‘Local’ Look Back… | Glacier City Gazette
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The ‘Local’ Look Back…


The ‘Local’ Look Back…

Spanning January, 1981 to December, 2000, the Local News was a FVCS-created monthly reaching Bird Creek, Indian, Portage and Girdwood bearing news of note as penned by residents, themselves.

Advocates declared the Local News “the essence of what community education is all about” and the Gazette is proud to keep its tradition alive in its ‘Local’ look back.

In April, 1994, Local News pressed Volume 14 Number 4 in which contributor Phil Giffin addressed the still salient issues of lands development, community identity and evolution within Girdwood Valley.
The staunchly worded editorial, entitled “Girdwood-Paradise Found or Paradise Lost” rallied for cohesive residential stance and included a proposed monetary outline to progress. Below are but a few piece highlights.

“Today Girdwood has come to a fork in the road. The direction we take in the coming months will determine whether this valley is a fine place to call home as we know it today, or just another slum victimized by urban sprawl and unplanned growth…”

“Developers must pay [developer’s fees] for their intrusion on our community so that they put something into the community from which they take…”

“The people of Girdwood should expect no less than the following: 25% of Heritage Land Bank sales as funds toward infrastructural stress mitigation, $1 dollar/sqr ft development charge imposed upon new buildings, vote-in of building codes, large development to include underground parking, any new development to be pedestrian friendly and signed ordinances enacted to safeguard small town character…”

“To ignore [Girdwood] wishes would leave us no option but to secede and take our 2600 undeveloped Heritage Land Bank Land with us…”

“[Girdwood] must not fight each other but instead unite to build a consensus of what we want as a community…”
“…or there will be no reason for visitors to come—nor for us to remain.”