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Start Play

Start Play

By Briana Sullivan
Four Valleys Community School

The whistle blows for our leading outdoor soccer program, and it’s summertime in Four Valleys. Thank you to everyone who brought their community spirit to the field on May 30. Pitching in to prepare the soccer field were many helping hands and thus lighter work, ensuring Girdwood’s soccer field is ready for a season of drills, skills, teamwork, character building, and oh yes, fun!

When school is closed, the FVCS office becomes a moving unit – and our opening classes and camps are in full swing. Register online today for a variety of adventure camps and intensives all summer long to plan your family’s weeks ahead.

Summer Playground for Pre-K has space available and runs 9:30 a.m.-noon, Mon. and Wed. Primary age kids follow, meeting 1-4 p.m. Drop-ins are welcome for both Pre-K and Primary groups. Play outside with friends in a supervised, safe environment with activities, and learning inevitably happens.

The first adventure camp, “Wilderness Survival,” for grades 4-8, began our exciting lineup of a dozen camps throughout the summer. One day consisted of a six-mile bike ride and a float trip down Portage Creek with local outfitters Chugach Adventures. Thank you Chugach Adventures for making this camp possible. Pictures captured a backdrop of blue sky and pleasant, smiling expressions from these fortunate Girdwood youth.

Even though school is out, education doesn’t stop for kids. The brief summer months bring opportunity for growing, maturing, and ideally, channeling this snippet of time into memorable and good experiences outdoors with peers. Keep your youth engaged and developing in their community with both companions and mentors. There is much to offer the future; scholarships, financial aid and payment plans are available.

If the sun is inspiring you to become an early riser lately, heed the call and get up. You’ll be glad you did when you join Mel for Circuit Training Tue. and Thur. mornings in the Community Room. An equally inspiring group of adults continue to bring their energy and presence to this class. Give it a try, get motivated and moving this summer with new allies! The bonus: You’ll be finished with your workout by the time the rest of the day is beginning. Learn about more adult classes, events and registration online.

Four Valleys Board of Directors has seats available. Over the next few weeks, think about how you’d like to serve your community because FVCS could be a great place. We are happy to hear from you! Visit our website and email staff for further information.

Courtesy photo / FVCS
Our Pre-K group had a great first week of Summer Playground! We’re not to capacity, so are accepting new registrations (pro-rated) and drop-ins for both Pre-K and Primary groups. Come join us!

Courtesy photo / FVCS
Last week’s summer adventure camp “Wilderness Survival” is always a great way to start our summer camp program. The first day’s schedule included a 6 mile bike ride followed by a fun float trip down Portage Creek with Chugach Adventures. Register for almost a dozen camps remaining to guarantee space.