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Alyeska at a Glance

Alyeska at a Glance

By Bayne Salmon
Alyeska Resort

Days are getting longer and summer is in full swing at Alyeska Resort. With daylight reaching nearly twenty full hours, there’s ample time to get out and explore this amazing part of Alaska. Luckily there’s no shortage of options for you to dive right into adventure around here, whether it be a local hike, a tour departing from the hotel or a day trip to the Kenai Peninsula, you’re in Alaska’s playground.

You may have heard the buzz in the air lately, and it’s not a mosquito, rather a hub whizzing by as Alyeska’s Bike Park, which is now open Friday through Sunday from 12-6 p.m. The park is beginning its 9th season of bike operations, and the trails are riding better than ever. Trail Crew has been hard at work digging, cutting, shaping and buffing the trails on Bear Cub Quad for opening weekend, and it’s going to be awesome. Come out and enjoy the sweetest part about trail riding, the descent!

Opening weekend will include all of the lower mountain trails and provide more than enough smiles for all experience levels. For the novice to intermediate rider, the Bear Cub Quad has the perfect balance of mellow gradient and smooth singletrack to get acquainted with downhill biking. From the top of the lift, there’s Christmas in July which features a short descent to get you up to speed, several smooth open corners, a rhythm section to practice pumping the bike and even a water crossing to keep you on your toes. The trail quickly straightens with lush ferns lining your descent on either side as the Sitzmark and chairlift come into view.

For experts, we’ve got Big Spruce from the top which offers a perfect pitch for a speedy descent into tight, smooth corners through, you guessed it, spruce trees. After you and your bike rail three perfect park berms, there are two small kickers with optional lines to get your tires off the ground.

From this intersection, you can continue into Chips & Salsa which includes some of the spicier jumps on the Bear Cub Quad. This jump line features a roller to get your speed dialed in and then a steady succession of longer tabletop jumps which can be rolled, scrubbed, boosted or tricked in any manner you deem appropriate.

Alyeska is your central hub for excitement and relaxation this summer. The resort’s spa invites you to wash away the stress and worry from your life with their offerings. Surrounded by calming tides and healing fern canopies, the Spa lies where the Alaskan wilderness flows naturally and rejuvenation knows no boundaries. You can reach the Spa at (907) 754-2550.

If you’re looking to recreate somewhere between pure relaxation and raw adrenaline, perhaps a day on the water may be more your speed. This time of year is perfect for a day of paddling our pristine Alaskan water; snow-capped peaks looming just above, blissful fjords beckoning you to explore their coastlines and an abundance of marine wildlife to feast your eyes on. Casual half-day outings and extensive multi-day adventures can be booked with Alyeska’s Concierge Desk at (907) 754-2108.