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School is Back – So is Fun and Fitness

School is Back – So is Fun and Fitness

By Briana Sullivan
Four Valleys Community School

Four Valleys’ office thankfully reopened last week in our home location. Although we’re back in school, so to speak, FVCS preferred center space is where community engagement, opportunity, and enrichment is found. We’re located in the Girdwood School and always online at Fall classes are piling up beginning with outdoor activities and indoor fall-themed artwork.

Cross country running began Aug. 26 for both Kindergarten and grades 1-6. These separate programs guide kids to become comfortable running and playing games, while exploring local routes and trails around the Girdwood School. Enjoy this fall season outside with friends and community by coming out to run for fun.

Kindergarten Cross Country is coached by Bre Donovan, which focuses on an introducing the sport, while Mel Staissny leads the running program for grades 1-6. The latter group will be divided into many groups, based on ability. Parent volunteers are needed each year and always have a blast. See you on the trails!

Mentioning fun, there’s a fungi class Tue., Sept. 10 at 6 p.m. with artist Darcel Daigh of Earth Mama Fiber Studio. Come learn the magic of felting with wool and create several small mushrooms or a very large detailed one. Students will be attaching them to driftwood or stones. No experience is necessary. Daigh is back to teach this class in Girdwood for ages 12 to adult.

And adults, it’s time to get it done whatever the temperature. Circuit training with Mel is back on Tue./Thur. mornings from 6-7 a.m. now through Oct 10. Having the beats and props and energy in one place is the best! Join this group and make the most of your workout.

Are you passionate about community education and making a difference in Girdwood? FVCS is looking for interested individuals to fill seats on our Board of Directors. This group of locals is welcoming and a perfect way to get involved, both in small and big ways. The board meets monthly Sept. – May to conduct business, set priorities and plan projects. Board members are elected at our annual meeting held on Thur., Sept. 5 at 7 p.m. Don’t be shy: Attend to learn more about us.

Courtesy photo / FVCS
Girdwood Art Camp Instructors