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Moments in Time

Moments in Time

By Morgan Smith
Staff Writer

It is Thursday, October 31st and there is only one thing that comes to mind on this day every year, Halloween. The first holiday to kick off the long string of fall festivities, this is a day long dreamt of by not only kids, but adults looking for a reason to let loose and enjoy spending time with their loved ones. With all the traditions that coincide with Halloween, here locally we participate in all of them, but with our own twist.

As the sun starts to set and children flood the streets dressed in their costumes, voices shrieking in excitement, the fun begins. With housing in Girdwood being so spread out, going door to door can be tedious for small children. Not to mention on years that snow covers the ground, staying out in the cold for long can be challenging. So in Girdwood, we came up with a solution. There is an area nicknamed Cabana Land. It is a section of roads off of Timberline road that is designated for children to Trick or Treat. Houses are close together and with all of the neighbors going all out, the focus can be on relaxing and celebrating.

With the local help of our generous firefighters and police officers, the roads in and out of this area are blocked to traffic, so the worry about kids zigzagging across the street, rushing to get candy, isn’t an issue. In fact, the Girdwood Fire Department not only passes out candy at several locations, but they hand out glow sticks to help light the way. They also set up a tent to pass out free coffee, apple cider and hot chocolate. So not only is their participation incredibly kind, but I know everyone feels safer knowing they are there.

And as you continue to walk down the street you start to see all of the other special attributes that have been created by the residents of this area. One family resurrected a haunted house for everyone to get an extra thrill, and it wasn’t a simple haunted house. Elaborate all the way through with hands reaching out to grab at you even from the ceiling and spooky decorations down to the jars filled with rats in laboratories, this haunted house is a must see.

Other neighbors started fires in their yards for Trick or Treaters to warm up and fireworks were even set off lighting up the night sky. Some even provided food and refreshments to refuel families and keep them going in the wet weather. The best part of the whole night was socializing with friends. Kids recognized each other from school, and long-time friends caught up. Those few moments taken to enjoy the presence of those we care about is what makes this holiday so special, not to say that the sugar rush from candy isn’t delightful also.

Morgan Smith / Glacier City Gazette
Every Halloween, Girdwood Volunteer Fire & Rescue

Morgan Smith / Glacier City Gazette
A station for drinks and other treats