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Headline Reads

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Headline Reads

3 top stories from home and away

By Robert Foran III
Associate Editor

INTERNATIONAL – From npr.com
globe-icon-blackNorth Korea’s Chairman, Kim Jong Un wants to meet with American President again, says South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who has just returned from Pyongyang. Moon also spoke directly to the North Korean public, describing a peaceful future to an audience of some 150,000 people.

“We had lived together for five thousand years but apart for just 70 years,” Moon said In His Speech on Thursday, in which he repeatedly addressed the crowd as “Citizens of Pyongyang, fellow Koreans.”

Moon continued, “Here, at this place today, I propose we move forward toward the big picture of peace in which the past 70-year-long hostility can be eradicated and we can become one again.”

After the summit, Moon said he will pass along Kim’s messages for the U.S. As Yonhap News notes, Moon will attend the U.N. General Assembly next week.

To hurry the denuclearization process, Kim said he wants Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to visit Pyongyang and to set up another summit “as soon as possible” according to a summary by the Pyongyang Press Corps.

NATIONAL – From phillyvoice.com
united-states-icon-blackA vast medley of rare insects and lizards worth more than $40,000, including a venomous, six-eyed spider, are missing from the Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion.

Police and pavilion staff suspect the robbery was an inside job, The New York Times reported, as security footage reveals people in the museum last week holding plastic containers containing some of the missing insects.

Overall, around 7,000 animals–that’s approximately 80 to 90 percent of the insectarium’s population–have been stolen. The robbery took place Wednesday, Aug. 22, but it’s likely that the thieves continued to take insects throughout the week. Once the robbery was discovered, staff found two blue employee shirts stuck to the wall with knives.

In addition to some insects, a Mexican fireleg tarantula has been returned by police. However, a six-eyed sand spider—one of the most venomous in the world—is still missing. 

ALASKA – From alaskapublicmedia.org
alaska-icon-blackA ballot initiative aimed at protecting salmon habitat is facing stiff opposition from industry groups, unions and Native corporations in Alaska. That opposition was on full display at an Anchorage hearing on the measure.

As required by law, the state is holding a series of public hearings on the initiative.

Inside, the hearing room was packed, with attendees lining the walls and spilling out into the hallway. Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott, who oversees the Alaska Division of Elections, presided over the hearing.

“Time will be very tight,” Mallott said in his opening remarks. “With the number of folks that have signed up, it looks like we will be hard-pressed to hear everyone.”

Of the over 60 people who testified during the two-hour hearing, most were against it.