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Frozen In Time

Professor Alexander Fleming in his laboratory at St. Mary's, Paddington, London.

Frozen In Time

A look back at the week that was…

By Robert Foran III
Associate Editor

Monday, September 24th — President Woodrow Wilson established Katmai National Monument. — 1918

Tuesday, September 25th — Sandra Day O’Connor, the first female Supreme Court Justice, is sworn in. — 1981

Wednesday, September 26th — Legendary frontiersman, Daniel Boone dies quietly at the home of his son Nathan in Defiance, Missouri, at the age of 85. — 1820

Thursday, September 27th — Eight Chicago White Sox baseball players are charged with fixing the 1919 World Series. — 1920

Friday, September 28th — Sir Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin when he notices a bacteria-killing mold growing in his laboratory; it remained for Howard Florey and Ernst Chain to isolate the active ingredient, allowing the “miracle drug” to be developed in the 1940s. — 1928

Professor Alexander Fleming in his laboratory at St. Mary's, Paddington, London.

Professor Alexander Fleming in his laboratory at St. Mary’s, Paddington, London.

Saturday, September 29th — An 8.1 earthquake causes a tidal wave that claims 189 lives in Samoa, American Samoa, and Tonga. — 2009

Sunday, September 30th — Actor James Dean is killed in a car crash while driving his Porsche on his way to enter it into a race in Salinas, California. — 1955

“In-famous” brother, father and friend, Mark Foran is born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. — 1979

These dates in history are happily brought to you by the Glacier City Gazette in the hopes that the current week is just as noteworthy. Cheers.