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Headline Reads

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Headline Reads

By Emily Maxwell
Associate Editor

ALASKA – from adn.com
alaska-icon-blackIn a 10-1 vote, University of Alaska Board of Regents declare ‘financial exigency’

The University of Alaska governing board on Monday voted to declare financial exigency, a decision that allows UA to more quickly lay off faculty and end degree programs as it faces an unprecedented $135 million cut to its state funding.

The UA Board of Regents passed the declaration in a 10-1 vote. Regent Lisa Parker voted against the declaration. “This may be the hardest vote to date,” said regent Cachet Garrett. “I promised the students of Alaska that I would represent them and they have asked me to vote yes for this. The faculty who I adore and admire have asked me to vote no.”

Before the vote Monday, regents thanked Alaskans for the outpouring of support in recent weeks. Some said they were hopeful legislators would still reach a deal, restoring at least part of the funding that Gov. Mike Dunleavy has vetoed.

UA Board of Regents chair John Davies described exigency as a “tool not a plan.” If circumstances change, he said, the declaration can be modified or withdrawn.

NATIONAL – from cnn.com
united-states-icon-blackHigh temperatures continue Sunday, but a cold front will soon bring relief

The deadly heat wave that has blanketed much of the United States is in its final day.

A cold front moving through the Midwest will reach the East Coast by Monday, bringing heavy rain and cooler air, according to CNN Meteorologist Ivan Cabrera.

The front will quiet days of extreme temperatures, Cabrera said.

This week’s high temperatures prompted cities across the country to open cooling centers, issue safety instructions to residents and cancel many outdoor events. New York’s mayor declared an emergency.

Two deaths have been attributed to the high temperatures: Former NFL player Mitch Petrus, 32, died of a heat stroke after working outside Thursday during a heat advisory in Arkansas, officials said. And a woman hiking on a Maryland trail in the Washington DC suburbs died Saturday from what authorities believe was a heat-related emergency, Pete Piringer, a spokesman for Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Services, told CNN.

INTERNATIONAL – from reuters.com
globe-icon-blackHong Kong police criticized over failure to stop attacks on protesters

Hong Kong police faced criticism on Monday for an apparent failure to protect anti-government protesters and passersby from attack by what opposition politicians suspected were gang members at a train station over the weekend.

Sunday’s attack came during a night of escalating violence that opened new fronts in Hong Kong’s widening crisis over an extradition bill that could see people from the territory sent to China for trial in Communist Party-controlled courts.

Protesters had earlier on Sunday surrounded China’s main representative office in the Asian financial hub and defaced walls and signs and clashed with police.

Hong Kong’s Beijing-backed leader, Carrie Lam, condemned the attack on the Central Government Liaison Office, saying it was a “challenge” to national sovereignty.