Frozen in Time | Glacier City Gazette
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Frozen in Time

Jesse James poster

Frozen in Time

A look back at the week that was…

By Emily Maxwell
Associate Editor

July 21 – Jesse James and the James-Younger gang rob their first train in Adair, Iowa. Despite the brutality of their crimes, the gang receives national fame and goes on to also rob stagecoaches and banks. James is shot and killed in 1882 by Robert Ford, a new recruit to the gang who hopes to collect the reward on James’ head. In death, James becomes a legendary figure of the Wild West. 1873

Jesse James poster

Courtesy photo
Jesse James poster

July 22 – Bank robber John Dillinger is shot to death by federal agents outside Chicago’s Biograph Theater after seeing the new Clark Gable movie “Manhattan Melodrama.” Dillinger and friends had robbed 24 banks from 1933 to 1934. Because Dillinger tries to flee the scene, his death is ruled as “justifiable homicide.” 1934

July 23 – Under Mussolini, the Fascist government in Italy bans the use of foreign words. French and English words and phrases were particularly prevalent at the time and where possible, the Italian equivalent was used; if one didn’t exist, they changed the word altogether-wine from Bordeaux became known as Barolo and movies, formerly known as il film became known as la pellicola. 1929

July 24 – The Beatles are among the 64 signatories in London’s The Times full-page advertisement calling for the legalization of marijuana. The first line of the ad states that “the law against marijuana is immoral in principle and unworkable in practice.” Among the other signatories, all of whom are prominent members of British society, are author Graham Greene and painter Richard Hamilton. 1967

July 25 – 21-year-old Jack London arrives in Dawson City on the Yukon River where he will join the gold rush. Three years later, his first collection of stories, The Son of the Wolf, is published. The Call of the Wild and White Fang, both stories set in the Klondike Gold Rush, earn him worldwide fame. 1897

July 26 – Fidel Castro begins his revolt against the Batista regime with an unsuccessful attack on an army barracks in Santiago de Cuba. Six years later, Castro succeeded in ousting Batista from power. 1953

July 27 – President Lyndon B. Johnson signs a bill requiring cigarette makers to print health warnings on all cigarette packages about the effects of smoking. The new warning is met with mixed responses. The assistant director of research at R.J. Reynolds releases an internal memo to the company stating that “the desire to be daring is part of the motivation to start smoking[…]in this sense the label on the package is a plus.” 1966