Frozen in Time | Glacier City Gazette
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Frozen in Time

Courtesy photo An early look at 2nd Avenue in Fairbanks, Alaska

Frozen in Time

A look back at the week that was…

By P.M. Fadden
Associate Editor

Monday, June 25th – Frenchman Gustave Flaubert goes on trial for public immorality regarding his now classic novel, Madame Bovary, 1857.

Tuesday, June 26th – Alaska Proud: Fairbanks’ first paved street – Second Avenue – opened to traffic in 1940. The local newspaper claimed that this was the “farthest north” paved road in America.

Courtesy photo An early look at 2nd Avenue in Fairbanks, Alaska

Courtesy photo
An early look at 2nd Avenue in Fairbanks, Alaska

Wednesday, June 27th – For the first time in history, a downed airman is saved by a parachute, 1918.

Thursday, June 28th – U.S. Congress passes the Spooner Bill, authorizing a canal to be built across the Isthmus of Panama, 1902.

Friday, June 29th – Israel removes urban barricades, re-unifying the historically beleaguered city of Jerusalem, 1967.

Saturday, June 30th – The modern day gastro-curse of Montezuma’s revenge is first unleashed when the Aztec ruler is murdered by Spanish conquistadors fleeing the capital city of Tenochtitlan during the night, 1520.

Sunday, July 1st – The New York State Commission Against Discrimination is established – the first such agency in the United States, 1945.

These dates in history are happily brought to you by the Glacier City Gazette in the hopes that the current week is just as noteworthy. Cheers.