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Four Valleys Community School

Photo courtesy FVCS Christi Davidson won $1,600 by choosing the winning measurement of 2.76 feet in the Alyeska Snow Classic.

Four Valleys Community School

By Briana Sullivan

Alyeska Snow Classic
It’s official, the 5th annual Alyeska Snow Classic has one lucky, local winner. As with each year, the game had high hopes, this time with snow in the forecast leading up to the big date. Mere degrees separated the truth – sleet or snow. The measuring date of April 22 was amid days of liquid precipitation in the valley, combined with above freezing overnight temperatures, creating increasingly dense snow pack in the alpine. Many guesses were submitted, supporting our largest pot yet of $3,200!

Our winner of 2018 is Christi Davidson, who guessed the correct measurement of 2.76 feet. Her take-home is 50% of the monies raised, $1,600! All participants bought tickets and submitted these guesses March 1-31. Thank you to all the players and volunteers for making this gaming event a reality. The Alyeska Snow Classic is a split the pot fundraiser for FVCS, and proceeds are used to fund scholarship programs, our mission, and sponsor community events. We love Girdwood, Bird, Indian, and Portage and are excited to create more programs for our community.

Senior Scholarship Recipient Announced
Congratulations to Jacob Charnon, this year’s recipient of a $1,000 Senior Service Scholarship from a partnership between FVCS and Girdwood Turnagain Arm Lions Club. Jacob received this scholarship in recognition of his outstanding service to our community, academic achievements and leadership skills. His history of local community service includes community cleanups, food drives, and the FVCS sports swap. Although an avid skier, Jacob will be leaving the mountains for the University of California Davis where he plans to study engineering.

Each spring, FVCS and the Lions Club partner to offer community service-centered scholarship to graduating seniors living in Bird, Indian, Portage, and Girdwood. For those looking to expand their community service experience in preparation for applying in future years, please contact FVCS, the Turnagain Arm Lions Club, or any of the many worthy non-profit organizations in the area for service opportunities.

Water Safety Series
May 19-20 feature Intro to Kayak Touring, Level 1 & 2 SUP, and Level 3 River SUP. Local professional instructor Brian McGorry offers these classes through a business partnership with Paddlers’ Realm, local USFS Permit holders and paddle professionals. Stand Up Paddle boarding is the fastest growing form of outdoor recreation in the U.S.

The courses will introduce participants to the nationally recognized American Canoe Association (ACA) SUP Program. Learn to SUP with special considerations for the cold waters of Alaska. SUP Boards, paddles, drysuits, safety equipment, paddling strokes and maneuvers, balance, self and assisted rescues, and environmental hazards are some of the many skills that will be taught. Have fun safely and locally. Course fee includes gear, skills instruction and individual feedback. Learn a new skill or refine one in your home climate.

Summer programming is on. Sign up for Basic Hunter Education, attend free family events and much more. Visit and plan your summer of fun.

Photo courtesy FVCS Christi Davidson won $1,600 by choosing the winning measurement of 2.76 feet in the Alyeska Snow Classic.

Photo courtesy FVCS
Christi Davidson won $1,600 by choosing the winning measurement of 2.76 feet in the Alyeska Snow Classic.