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Alyeska at a Glance

Photo courtesy of Alyeska Resort

Alyeska at a Glance

By Stephanie Drescher
Alyeska Resort

Grey is a beautiful color… but it needs to be displayed in moderation. During the shoulder season, we watch raindrops slide down the panes and search bare twigs for buds, while the mountains tower above us.

The best thing about Alyeska, is that no matter the weather, there is always something amazing to do. Tom Lehrer, the singer-songwriter and satirist from the 60’s said, “bad weather always looks worse through a window.”

One window-shattering adventure to focus on during this time of year is lower-valley hiking and biking. Snow Brains recently wrote an article entitled Happy Trails: Post-Ski Alyeska, AK is a Hike, Bike Mecca. In it, they wrote “the interlacing trail networks of picturesque Alyeska Resort and surrounding Girdwood Valley are rife with four-season hiking, biking opportunities.”

Alyeska Resort Bike Operations open June 8, with hours Fri. – Sun., 12-6 p.m. Many riders and walkers are hitting the Bird to Gird Pathway parallel to the Seward Highway, along Turnagain Arm. The 13-mile paved path between shore and the snow-covered mountains is perfect for jogging, biking, dog walking and wildlife viewing. Winner Creek is a little muddy, but manageable with proper footwear.

If you are looking for more than a day hike/ride, stay the weekend. The Local Spring Special is also currently in effect at the Hotel Alyeska. The local rate starts at $109 for midweek stays and this special will run through May 16. Season Pass Holders can take an additional $20 off the hotel rates as well.

Season passes for 2018/19 are on sale now. The Spring Season Pass sale will run through June 3, and this is the best time to get your pass. It is going to be a special season celebrating Alyeska Resort’s 60th anniversary. Big plans are in store, and season passes will come with some exclusive memorabilia to commemorate this milestone.

As spring brings more color to our lives, we turn to celebrate the women, who have brought vibrancy and joy to our lives. Alyeska Resort has big plans to celebrate Mother’s Day. The Tram will be open May 12-13. Your mother will be able to enjoy the breathtaking views from Mt. Alyeska. Because no mother should have to cook on her special day, a Mother’s Day Brunch will be served at the Hotel Alyeska starting at 10 a.m., with a total of five seatings being offered. Reservations are required.

Speaking of family matriarchs, the next family-friendly festival is the 8th Annual Fiddlehead Festival. We cannot wait to see all that green foliage, great music and delicious food fill the Hotel Alyeska Pond Courtyard.

Speaking of delicious reminds us to mention that everyone’s favorite Asian Bistro will be reopening on May 24. Sakura will be ready to serve up the best sushi in the state along with the freshest sea food and creative cocktails.

No matter the weather, no matter the season Alyeska has something to offer all of us willing to pack a raincoat. Now is the time to embrace that grey, chase blue skies and search for signs of spring.

Photo courtesy of Alyeska Resort

Photo courtesy of Alyeska Resort