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A Different Perspective

A Different Perspective

By Lindsey Helmbrecht
Powder Hound

Have you ever thought about the different perspectives bikers and hikers have? I didn’t until a friend pointed it out. If you think about it the difference is vast and applies to all the different sports we enjoy in our little valley town.

Our abilities and means of travel really put it in perspective. Usually we are all on a time crunch. Like having only having an hour or so window to do a quick hike or a bike, for example. How far will that hour take me? I can usually hike North Face in a little over an hour while my husband crushes it in forty minutes. There alone, the ability level provides a unique perspective.

According to Google the average hiking speed is 3.0 mph. While hiking- you are lower to the ground, you’re looking more at where you’re putting your feet. What features do you notice? Does the dynamic change?

You’re able to drink in views a little longer since you’re going at a slower pace. You might also notice those little flowers lining the trail versus the larger in the background. Regardless, I believe the perspective makes the experience.

By comparison, biking speed is a little different. It varies between 6 and upwards of 25mph. Perspectives of biking include climbing or descend. While climbing, I’m trying to regulate breathing and to keep my eye on the prize. A little misery may ensue, so I still welcome certain distractions – “oh, the blueberries are ripening” or “dang, how is Amy still talking? I can’t breathe.” Needless to say, the struggle can get real.

As for descent, it’s always my favorite part! Things are flying by, wind is in my ears and I might’ve just eaten a bug. I’m thinking, “Can my bike make it over that rock or root?” or “Should I slow down or just power through that switchback and hope I don’t fall?” While biking your thought process or focus becomes a fight or flight mindset.

We set aside our time to recreate. That window may allow a hike up North Face or a ride along Winner Creek, and we each notice different trail obstacles, as well as see or think different things, but it’s all about new perspective and sharing what’s been enjoyed.

Powder Hound just received four e-bikes for rental use. Can you imagine the different perspective on an e-bike? I can and encourage you to check them out for yourselves.

See Ya,
Powder Hound Crew