The 'Local' Look Back | Glacier City Gazette
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The ‘Local’ Look Back


The ‘Local’ Look Back

By Morgan Smith
Staff Writer

This article is the sequel to last issues piece that I found and shared. And the one thing I can think to say as I read this piece is, just be yourself. You never know what kind of enjoyment others will get out of what you create. This article comes from The Local News created by Four Valleys Community School, May 1981, Volume 1, Issue 5, written by G. Gordon Scott.

Martians In Portage
You were probably wondering why the men from other planets have been to Portage, Alaska, of all places. I write this sequel with hesitancy, for the few people who know may be uncomfortable with the knowledge. If you are faint of heart or cringe at the thought of hiking to the outhouse on a dark and moonless night, it’s time to start reading “Alice in Wonderland.” Do not continue this report as you may never sleep with both eyes closed again.

One normally thinks of Martians as strange extraterrestrial beings with short legs, plump round bodies, green eyes, and short whip antenna for ears. The scientists at NASA seem to be trying to prove that if they exist, they are made up of molecules of frozen nitrogen and water. The people from Mars just laugh about all this bunk.

In their minds, we earthlings are strange of mind, but not in physical appearance. Martians visit the earth only for to watch us earth beings, to make sure we do not get smart and realize the solutions to our problems and thus become worldly-or is it universe-ly! The Martians are just like us except they’ve got their act together. They do not have quarrels, famines, accidents, calamities, dissension, politics, etc. Neither do they have any fun-as we would put it-beyond their normal animal-like instincts for self preservation. They do not even talk!

But the people from Mars can communicate….so well that they have developed technologies that supersede ours in scope by a millionfold, if one was to be conservative. They have control over everything-everywhere! What they can’t do cannot be done.

All is not perfect, though; as sometimes a Martian is born a little strange. Just a bit odd in character, not exactly conforming to their perfect way of life. Such Martians are removed to colonies, to grow up and never know their homeland, their origins, or their flawless race. Our Earth is one of these outposts. Here, as in other places unknown to us, we are doomed by our faults and shortsights to proceed along our obstacle ridden paths. And never will we gain the Martian’s vaults of perfection. To do so we would have to successfully spy on their world, but alas, they are too clever.

The people of Mars visit the earth to quietly watch us as we quietly lurk about our business. Recently they have come around more often so as to anticipate our space probes, in order to disguise their planets civilization beyond our perception. Why do they land in Portage then? It is simply that they with superior minds and equipment, they can see and feel the whole world and its workings from one place. And could they find a spot less likely than Portage? Who would suspect them here?

So you see, these Martians are a cagey self-preserving lot. Aside from their perfection, these Martians are really just like us. Maybe someday we can be like Martians.