The ‘Local’ Look Back | Glacier City Gazette
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The ‘Local’ Look Back


The ‘Local’ Look Back

Spanning January, 1981 to December, 2000, the Local News was a community-created monthly reaching Bird Creek, Indian, Portage and Girdwood bearing news and cheer of note as penned by residents, themselves.

Advocates declared the Local News “the essence of what community education is all about” and the Gazette is proud to keep its tradition alive in its ‘Local’ look back.

National NPO organization, Mothers Against Drunk Driving [MADD] ran upon page one of 1982 Local News Vol.2 No.9.

The valley news source reported conclusion of two months efforts in creating the state’s first Alaska MADD chapter. The achievement, attributed to June Gerrish and supporters, stemmed from a December 1981 incident which marks New Girdwood Townsite even today.


“On December 5, 1981, Scott and Wesley Gerrish, students at Girdwood School, were struck down and killed by an accused drunk driver.”


The fatalities highlighted 1980 Anchorage Police Department report of 870 adult and 14 juvenile arrests for drunk driving.



Z Denise Gallup