The ‘Local’ Look Back | Glacier City Gazette
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The ‘Local’ Look Back


The ‘Local’ Look Back

Spanning January, 1981 to December, 2000, the Local News was a community-created monthly reaching Bird Creek, Indian, Portage and Girdwood bearing news and cheer of note as penned by residents, themselves.

Advocates declared the Local News “the essence of what community education is all about” and the Gazette is proud to keep its tradition alive in its ‘Local’ look back.

Pleasant summer tidings were rambunctiously announced in pages of June, 1994, The Local News. Volume 14 Number 6, updated construction plans of a Danielle and Kerrie Marlow (or Forest Fair) Pavilion.

“Gary McCarthy has donated gravel for the base. A friendly surveyor has made sure the pavilion does not encroach on the non-existent road which, on paper, runs through the Forest Fair Park. Cash, Barner, Usher Architects have come up with a simple elegant design that will grace our park for years to come.”

Displayed volunteer requests enticed with promise of representation upon an engraved plaque in return for participation, and helpers were said to “come out of the woodwork to make this project come to life.” This included work release prisoners whose labor first cleared the plot, a group described to be “non-violent so they get to use chainsaws.”