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The Local Look Back…


The Local Look Back…

By Morgan Smith
Staff Writer

With limited resources in Girdwood, we tend to appreciate the places that offer us activities that enrich our lives more than usual. Our local library is among those appreciated businesses. Still serving our community decades later, this is a look back at the excitement the town felt when the library began enhancing our lives. This article was found in The Local News created by Four Valleys Community School, January 1982, Volume 2, Number 1, written by Denise Halliday.

Girdwood Public Library
The grand opening of the Girdwood Public Library was a success. Mayor George Sullivan spoke to the gathering before cutting the ribbon. Dignitaries joining the Girdwood Public in the celebration were Wilda Hudson, director of the Department of Cultural and Recreational Services, Lois Donahue, Wilda Marston and June Murray all on the Anchorage Municipal Library Board, Keith Revelle, Anchorage Municipal Librarian, Assemblyman Don Smith, and Christine Hansen, Anchorage Municipal Interlibrary Loan Librarian.
The library hours are:
Monday 10:00-5:00
Wednesday 10:00-5:00
Thursday 2:00-8:00
Pre-school story hour will start on January 21. It will be on Thursdays from 11-11:45 a.m. Ages 1-Kindergarten are welcome and sign-up is at the community school registration. For more info see the community school Winter schedule in this issue, or call Denise Halliday at 783-2565.
My apologies for the confusion last month’s Library article inaccuracies may have caused. I will try and do better in the future!