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The Fixed Line – Outdoor Gear Repair

The Fixed Line – Outdoor Gear Repair


Alaska’s Source For Outdoor Gear Repair Services

The Fixed Line is Alaska’s premier outdoor gear repair service. We provide services to the vast population of outdoor adventurers, professional guides and outfitters, sportsman and people who play outdoors in the Last Frontier.

With over twenty years of professional experience with outdoor gear, we’ve seen most problems first hand, and we understand how to get you back in the field.

Our owner Ryan “Hutch” has worked over 150 weeks in the field for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) and is a Professional Ski Patroller at Alyeska Resort in the winter, where the weather can range from bitter cold to mid-winter tropical storms, and the average annual snowfall is 669″.

All that time working outdoors has provided the unique perspective of knowing how functional gear supports your adventures, and how a failed zipper or inopportune tear can lead to an epic suffer fest.

We have seen gear worked by sandstone slot canyons, ski edges and simple sun exposure, not to mention a fair share of “my dog ate my backpack strap” situations.

We started out sewing our own gear for adventures in college because we were too broke to buy commercially available stuff. From literally sewing our first bivy sack in Mom’s kitchen with her household Singer to repairing fleets of Heli-ski packs for Chugach Powder Guides we have learned how gear fails, and how to rebuild it.

We understand that Alaskans rely on their outdoor gear to explore and enjoy our great state. Our family does too. With so many things to do in Alaska, it can be hard to keep up with keeping your gear up to snuff. We are here to help.

Contact Info:

Phone: 907-631-1449