Summer Program Registration Has Begun | Glacier City Gazette
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Summer Program Registration Has Begun

Photo Courtesy of FVCS

Summer Program Registration Has Begun

Briana Sullivan
Four Valley Community School

That’s right! It’s planning time for soccer, summer playground, Girdwood Fine Arts Camp, and many adventure and art camps. Engaging activities for a variety of interests and ages is possible all summer with FVCS.

Summer soccer is classified by birth year and was nearly full for U4 last week. Sign up today, as space is limited for certain classes, t-shirts, and best prices. Scholarships and financial aid are available thanks to the FVCS Board Scholarship Program and Girdwood Forest Fair Committee. Look through the summer program guide to join the fun this summer.

Adults, keep your eyes and ears near as the following events will be open for registration and full before we know it: Hanging basket classes with Forget-Me-Not Nursery, fused glass classes, painting with Tommy O’Malley, Babysitter First Aid, and Beluga Citizen Science. Visit

FVCS Board of Directors Needs You!
If volunteering in your community in a behind-the-scenes kind of way interests you, the FVCS Board of Directors could be a fantastic and rewarding opportunity. Whether you’re new to the community or a seasoned local is no matter: Our unique 12-person Board of Directors holds seat specific responsibilities. Members serve two-year terms, attend most monthly meetings, and assist in annual events.

Our members believe in community education and maintain FVCS’ mission of assuring residents access to quality classes, programs, and events through their service. This board has all the legal duties of a nonprofit and is responsible for setting policies, overseeing staff, developing programs and awarding scholarships.

These integral tasks keep FVCS seasons rolling smoothly and successfully – facilitated solely by the famed three-person staff that proficiently manages classes and programs. This heroic face of FVCS will work in the office for a few more weeks before transitioning offsite for summer mode.

Share thank yous with your affable FVCS community and learn about volunteer opportunities during the upcoming year. Please contact us. A FVCS Board Member will be happy to answer questions. Interested community members are invited to our May Meeting, just before our summer break.

Photo Courtesy of FVCS Kids get creative at the recent Funky Tie Dye class with local artist Barbara Lydon.

Photo Courtesy of FVCS
Kids get creative at the recent Funky Tie Dye class with local artist Barbara Lydon.

Photo Courtesy of FVCS

Photo Courtesy of FVCS