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Staying Cool and Occupied

Staying Cool and Occupied

By Briana Sullivan
Four Valleys Community School

Sprinklers waved cool water into the warm air and young voices trilled among the grass during FVCS events over the last several days. Summer Soccer players endured record heat and some smoke, while kids at Summer Playground and Adventure Camps were treated with running-water respite.

Adventure Camp-goers are having a blast and learning while they play. There’s still time to sign up for summertime fun with FVCS programming. This week brought Games and Trivia, teaching participants a variety of games including the classics, trivia and of course active contests such as scavenger hunts and capture the flag throughout Girdwood. Youth in grades 3-6 may have been spotted riding to camp and between the ballpark and soccer field for recreation. Metamorphosis camp also wraps up this week, which studied the stages of the butterfly and moth life cycle as well as other insects in the animal kingdom. More games and fun closed camp each day.

Sign up now for the Adventure Camp “Tides and Ecology,” held July 15 and 17 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. The center of attention will be our local water sources and how the water cycle works as well as taking care of the environment. Our Cook Inlet beluga population also receives special acknowledgement from a guest member of Beluga Whale Alliance. Educating youth on becoming better stewards of our surroundings and natural resources will be the takeaway. Entrants can visit local creeks, streams and water sources throughout the Girdwood area by foot and bike. Wednesday includes a longer biking adventure.

Finally, team sports is the name of the game for “Field Sports” Adventure Camp July 22-26. Encouraging good sportsmanship, healthy active lifestyles and having fun are the objectives this week. Campers will enjoy three hours of camp each day to learn new games, fun drills, and partner with local business Ascending Path. This camp has two age groups and is an annual highlight.

From there, we charge into August and the acclaimed Girdwood Fine Arts Camp takes the lead. Visit for registration and more. Remember to consider joining our board of directors and make a difference in your community. Our community meeting is in September.

Courtesy photo / FVCS
Hiking Camp grades 4-8 youth explore Girdwood outdoors with peers, reaping both exercise and sunshine.

Courtesy photo / FVCS
Yoga and Art Camp in late June enjoyed creative arts and crafts, and yoga under the sun.