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Revamped Rendezvous – Silvertip Grill

Revamped Rendezvous – Silvertip Grill

By Morgan Smith
Staff Writer

In a town of Girdwood’s size, we rely on one another, we are like a family. So when Girdwood changes and grows and the person or in this case people behind it are a part of this local community, we all try our best to support their endeavor.

When long time residents and Girdwood Picnic Club Co-owners Raleigh Hill and his wife Jenny Blair Hill decided to take on Silvertip Grill and make it their own, the town was abuzz. The excitement of what it will look like, what the new menu will be and will it feel the same were questions circling our heads.

When the question of what the name should be arose, Raleigh said the thought never crossed his mind to change it. The name was nostalgic to him and his family, and Silvertip Grill has been a part of this community for so long it seemed peculiar to change it.

Raleigh worked as a dishwasher at Silvertip Grill in 2010. During that time he also met Jenny, who was a server at Chair 5 Restaurant, where he also worked as a busser. The sentimentality affiliated with that time in their lives was important to preserve. Once the previous owner removed the old memorabilia, the remodel began.

With years of experience under their belts, the staff dove in to fix up the building, and after several weeks, Silvertip Grill was ready for its debut. With Raleigh at the helm as General Manager and Stephanie Wuthrich as Manager, the Silvertip Grill was in good hands and excited to show off their fresh paint, new menu and exciting ideas for the future.

On May 11th, 2019, Silvertip Grill opened its doors for a soft opening. With 16 new speakers to enhance the enjoyment of customers watching their favorite sporting events, Silvertip Grill wants to earn the reputation as the local go-to place for watching sports. They also want to bring in live music and continue the long-standing tradition of open mic nights to show support to local musicians.

I asked Raleigh what he was planning on decorating the walls of the Silvertip Grill with, and his response was sports memorabilia. He wants to encourage locals with a love of sports to bring in and display their own items. Each item will include a note explaining where it came from in hopes of bringing people together to share their passion for sports. Something they will have in common with Raleigh, who is a bit of a sports fanatic himself.

One feature to look forward to on nice days is the spacious outdoor seating. You can sit outside and soak up the sun while eating something scrumptious. Raleigh said his wife Jenny is to thank for the savory new menu.

“We couldn’t have done it without her,” he explains. From deep friend pickles, several inventive flavors of wings, cheese curds and so much more, the new menu has not only several mouthwatering things to choose from but at a fair price. Stephanie tells me that not only have people been excited about the new menu, but the price points because it makes eating out a little more affordable.

They also decided to offer breakfast all day. Something that customers have been thankful for because there aren’t many options in Girdwood for breakfast all day. And sometimes you just need a chicken fried steak.

I decided to check out Silvertip Grill’s fresh new face myself and was pleased from the moment I stepped in the door. It retained a similar ambiance with a kind staff greeting me, and that same bar there food that somehow always hits the spot. The walls looked great with their fresh paint and looked ready for the sports memorabilia to fill them with stories.

The new speakers filled the grill with rich sound that made it easy to hear the game on the screen, and it felt like it was all as it should be. I settled in and ordered. I tried two types of wings, orange habanero and traditional, alongside the Rueburger. Every aspect of the meal was on point. The wings were flavorful and meaty and the Rueburger was inventive and packed with so many tastes no bite was the same.

Though it was bar food, I left feeling great and can’t wait to go back and try many more items off this reimagined menu. Stop by or check them out on Facebook to stay current on events happening at the Silvertip Grill.

Silvertip Grill
165 Hightower Rd.
10 a.m.-10 p.m. daily
(907) 783-2594

Morgan Smith / Glacier City Gazette
The Rueburger paired with curly fries is a flavorful choice worthy of any palate.

Morgan Smith / Glacier City Gazette
Scrumptious breakfast at The Girdwood Picnic Club, Jenny and Raleigh Hill’s other local eatery.

Morgan Smith / Glacier City Gazette
Flowers blooming in front of the Silvertip sign, enhancing its colors