Moments in Time | Glacier City Gazette
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Moments in Time

Moments in Time

By Morgan Smith
Staff Writer

This Column was created to highlight the unforgettable moments happening all around us. From a helping hand to nature taking our breath away, here’s a column dedicated to remind us to stop and admire the beauty surrounding us here in Southcentral Alaska.

It’s Aug. 4th, 2019, and the sun is shining. With the town bustling and getting ready for the new work week, special moments get overlooked all around us. Amidst Girdwood’s own backyard is a whole life cycle coming to an end. Glacier Creek is teaming with life as the pink salmon finish spawning out and their bodies start to line the shores. Pink salmon are also commonly referred to as humpys for the large hump that males form once they enter fresh water to spawn. Watching the salmon remains creating nutrients for other forms of life is also fascinating. They impact this ecosystem so immensely, you begin the understand the gravity of their life cycle. They are one of many varieties of salmon that use Glacier Creek for spawning.

My family and I got to view them passing over shallow sandbars, exposing the fish momentarily as they fought their way upstream. As the fish pooled together in calm water for a break from the struggle against the current, we got to take a better look. We could see their teeth and watched the power of their tails as they splashed in the water. The children would squeal with excitement as a fish swam past their legs and they felt the cold flesh of the fish. It was just one of many memorable moments happening that day, and I was glad to be a part of it. I would recommend checking out Glacier Creek if you haven’t already.

Morgan Smith / Glacier City Gazette
A pink salmon makes its way up Glacier Creek.