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Moments in Time

Moments in Time

By Morgan Smith
Staff Writer

It is Sat., Oct. 12, and Four Valleys Community School (FVCS) Ski and Sports Swap. If you are ever in need of some new gear at a great price, it is a great stop to make during the course of your day. Held in Alyeska’s Daylodge, this annual event is a wonderful gathering place for the community and an easy way to help FVCS fundraise for future projects and events which benefit the community.

If you want to sell your gear in future swaps, you can pick up sales tags and control sheets from the FVCS office and Girdwood Post Office prior to the swap or the day of the sale. Twenty five percent of an item’s sales price benefits FVCS’s programs, events and classes. You can also donate gear. It is a great way to clear out your closet and give back to the community.

Each year 100 volunteers help make this event happen, so if you’d like to volunteer and get involved, there is an online sign up. Without all of the hard working volunteers, this event wouldn’t happen, so thank you those who helped out.

Courtesy photo / Catherine McDermott, FVCS
Karen Loso walks away from the annual Ski Swap with a lot of useful gear.

It is Oct. 16, and the day of the week is a Wednesday, which means Burger Night at Jack Sprat. With a new burger theme each week, from Star Wars to Dragon Ball Z, the burger variety is endless and keeps you coming back to experience what creative concoctions they invent next. There are traditional 1/2 pound burgers, chicken burgers, the Beyond Burger (with a vegan patty) and more. All burgers are catered to each week’s theme, along with their weekly titles. If you are craving a tasty burger creation, you can stop by from 4:30-10 p.m. on Wednesdays. Also check out their weekly theme on the Jack Sprat Facebook page or for more information their website

Courtesy photo/ Jack Sprat
These cold fall days make Wednesdays’ burger night at Jack Sprat a perfect comfort food pit stop.