Leaf Peeping: Adventures in Girdwood for Fall! | Glacier City Gazette
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Leaf Peeping: Adventures in Girdwood for Fall!

Marc Donadieu / Glacier City Gazette Fireweed succumbing to fall is still vibrant.

Leaf Peeping: Adventures in Girdwood for Fall!

Marc Donadieu / Glacier City Gazette Fireweed succumbing to fall is still vibrant.

Marc Donadieu / Glacier City Gazette
Fireweed succumbing to fall is still vibrant.

By Lindsey Green
Special to the Glacier City Gazette

With crisp new temps and termination dust on the tips, we are nestled in our little mountain town waiting for unpredictable fall weather to give us window for adventure. I try not to let the rain stop me by reminding myself of that Bob Marley quote “Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.” It inspires me to throw on my rain jacket and grab my Xtratufs and look for something to fulfill my day. As easy as that sounds, it’s just not that simple.

Some people (like myself) look out their Girdwood windows while binging Netflix hoping for just enough clarity to at least start an adventure. No more. I’m putting my foot down. I am now sitting down making a list of adventures, things I want to get done before the resort opens. And I hope you join me!

Let’s start with the biking. Fall foliage is peeling back to expose the tracks for some delicious trail riding. The trees act as a perfect amount of coverage to shield us from that typical Girdwood rainfall leaving us with no excuse not to hop on our bike and take Winner Creek by storm. Other trails I’d like to try are Trestles, Beaver Pond and Abe’s. That right there should keep the limbs strong so I don’t have noodle legs opening weekend at the resort. And the Bird to Gird trail is always a beautiful, easy ride to satiate your leaf peeping and fresh air needs.

Next, let’s hike. North Face is always my go-to goal crusher. How fast can I do it? Is it better than last time? One hiking trail I always neglect is Crow Pass. It leads over the Chugach with opportune views of glaciers and outstanding wildlife, not to mention an adorable cabin that never gets old. And remember, it’s Northern Lights season – what’s wrong with a little night hike in hopes of viewing one of the most beautiful sites in the world?

Next, I’d like to push myself off the beaten path a little and hike Rainbow Ridge. The 6,000-foot high ridge is perfect for aerial views of our sweet land preparing for winter with changing colors.

Now that our hiking and biking shorts are dirty, it’s time to pull out our running shorts. All the trails and hikes mentioned above are great for various types of runners, but I love our Nordic Mountain Loop. It’s about to turn into an XC Skier’s winter wonderland, but before that happens I’d like to loop around and enjoy the views that surround us on a daily basis.

If you’re the type of person that can’t run in circles, Winner Creek and Bird to Gird have enough length to keep you busy for a significant amount of time.

That’s my list! So, let the fall foliage adventures commence.

See ya out there!



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