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Headline Reads

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Headline Reads

3 top stories from home and away

By P.M. Fadden
Associate Editor

WORLD VIEW – Sanitation Taxation
globe-icon-blackIn India, a 12 percent tax on all feminine sanitary products has been scrapped following months of campaigning by activists.

BBC World Service reports the national announcement to reverse what was a year of government introduced the taxation, also known as GST, on all goods – especially the 12 percent duty on menstrual hygiene products.

Campaigners argued the tax would make the products even more unaffordable in a country where an estimated four out of five females already have no access to sanitary items.

Activist groups claim feminine hygiene as among the leading reasons why girls drop out of education in India, while many others females are forced to remain housebound because they can’t access sanitary products.

NATIONWIDE – Unicorns Do More Than Fly
united-states-icon-blackTesla boss Elon Musk has reached an agreement with a Mr. Edwards of Colorado, a potter accusing the billionaire of using his farting unicorn without permission.

Images of farting unicorns have been known appeared in Tesla in-car interfaces and promotional material, reports BBC US & Canada Service. However, Edwards said this was done without consent.

The flatulent issue hit headlines when South African-born Musk got into a Twitter spat with Edwards’ daughter who claimed Musk to have “ripped off” her father’s artwork and asked after an artist’s right to compensation for work.

Musk would later use social media platforms to inform the world the fight had now been resolved, tweeting both Edwards and himself to have let the gas out of their differences so that each might return to the work of making cars and pottery.

FRONTIER FOCUS – Feds End Road Debate
alaska-icon-blackIn Juneau, the federal government has officially killed a two-year stalled road extension project to improve access to the Alaska capital.

In recently published documentation, the Federal Highway Administration said it has decided to take no action on the proposed 50-mile road extension north from Juneau, the Juneau Empire reported.

As the city is entered only via air or water, The Juneau Access Project aimed to connect the city to the North American road system as well as lower costs and reduce ferry travel for drivers trying to reach Skagway or Haines. However the project divided Juneau residents and was opposed by environmental groups that said the road would disrupt sensitive areas.

Documentation by Alaska Division Administrator Sandra Garcia-Aline cited the state’s shrinking budget and “a high level of controversy” over construction as principal factors for the road not being built.