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Headline Reads

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Headline Reads

3 Compelling Stories from Home & Away

By Emily Maxwell
Associate Editor

ALASKA – From Alaska Public Media and Laura Kraegel, KUCB, Unalaska
alaska-icon-blackSt. Paul Island’s rogue rat has met its demise after 10 months of evading capture and living large at the local fish plant.

The rat was found dead last weekend by a visiting birder. The discovery has sent tempered relief throughout the community, which has worked for decades to remain rodent-free.

St. Paul is a haven for millions of nesting seabirds. It’s also one of the few island communities in the world that has been able to protect its rich wildlife from invasive rodents.

That’s why alarm shot through town last fall when a rat was spotted lurking in the fish processing plant. Local and federal officials leapt into action with a wide-ranging and methodical response.

They chartered a flight for a “strike team” of eradication experts. They installed motion-sensor game cameras to track the invader. And they tried a half-dozen trap types with all kinds of bait — from candy bars and fish oil to peanut butter and bacon grease.

NATIONAL – From apnews.com
united-states-icon-blackMore alcohol seized in raid at ski resort for ultra-rich

Montana officials say they confiscated over 800 bottles and cans of alcohol in a raid just days after the Yellowstone Club signed a deal to settle charges of serving booze at unlicensed bars at the private ski resort for the ultra-rich.

A Department of Revenue notice says officials took the alcohol June 25 from a terminal that serves Yellowstone Club members and others who fly into Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport on private jets.

Agency spokesman Sanjay Talwani said Monday that state officials believe the alcohol belongs to a company owned by two club executives.

The company was part of the $370,000 settlement agreement signed six days earlier that allowed Yellowstone Club bars to continue serving alcohol at the resort.

Club attorney Shane Reely didn’t immediately return a call for comment.

INTERNATIONAL – from bbcnews.com
globe-icon-blackFilippo Magnini: Italian Olympic swimming star saves drowning tourist

Italian Filippo Magnini rescued a tourist who was drowning off a Sardinian beach on Sunday.

The former world champion plunged in after friends of the man shouted to sunbathers on Cala Sinzias beach, just east of Cagliari.

Magnini kept the man’s head above water until lifeguards arrived with a raft, Italian media reported.

“I just did what I had to,” the retired sportsman said later.

The rescue was witnessed by Marco Bencivenga, chief editor of the Cremona local paper La Provincia, who reported it on his Facebook page.

Reports say the tourist got into trouble as he was swimming to retrieve an inflatable swan that was being blown out to sea.

His friends’ cries for help were heard by lifeguards, who raced to set off in their rescue raft.

But 37-year-old Magnini, 1.88m (6ft 2in) tall, was closer and quickly reached the struggling man.

“The bather was in a lot of trouble: he was quite frightened, he was really stuck and had swallowed some seawater,” Magnini said, quoted by Italy’s Corriere dello Sport.

“When I reached him he wasn’t even able to speak, and it wasn’t easy to lift him on to the raft, so we laid him on an airbed that some other bathers had nearby.” No details were given about the man who nearly drowned.