Glacier Valley Gazetta: A Glimpse into the Past | Glacier City Gazette
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Glacier Valley Gazetta: A Glimpse into the Past

Glacier Valley Gazetta: A Glimpse into the Past

By Marc Donadieu
Glacier City Gazette

The pages of the Glacier Valley Gazetta are a fascinating look into Girdwood 50 years ago. This glimpse into the past comes from Gazetta Vol. 1, No. 2 in June 1967.

The issue celebrates the 100-year anniversary of the Alaska Purchase in 1867.

The front page headline reads Alaska’s Big Birthday Makes a Swinging Summer for Editor Hugh Cruikshank Jr.’s article on the event. The following two paragraphs begin the article.

One hundred years later, almost nothing has been overlooked to celebrate Alaska’s long, turbulent, sometimes torpid, sometimes torrid past.

It’s all here: festivals, shows, exhibits, pageants, in communities throughout the 49th state-early Native culture, and Native artisans at work at their ancient crafts; the history and color of Russian America; the 6 or more decades of Federal neglect, starting with (in the 1860s) the nation-wide ridicule of Seward’s Folly; the gold stampedes; the old riverboats and operating “steam” railroads; the prime role played by aviation in opening up the remote areas and tying Alaska into a cohesive whole; the boundless opportunities; the vast treasury of natural resources in The Great Land (a literal translation of the Aleut name ‘Al-aa-ek-sa’); the arts, music, literature and drama; the great out-of-doors, in sports, in fishing and in big game hunting; the people, who made and make Alaska what it is today.



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