Glacier City Gazette Indefinite Hiatus Statement | Glacier City Gazette
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Glacier City Gazette Indefinite Hiatus Statement

Glacier City Gazette Indefinite Hiatus Statement

To Glacier City Gazette readers,

I hope you’re all doing well.

After fours years of publishing GCG, I took a short hiatus to recharge. I was taking steps to resume publishing GCG online, but now it is on indefinite hiatus. The Corvid-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the advertising climate in a town dependent on tourism. Ads are the first thing to go, and without enough of them, I cannot pay my staff or myself.

Who knows how long the pandemic will last and what its effects will be? Who knows how long and deep the inevitable recession will be? I don’t have any answers about GCG at this point or what I’ll be doing in the future. We’ll see what happens.

Thanks for reading,

Marc Donadieu