Frozen in Time | Glacier City Gazette
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Frozen in Time

Frozen in Time

A look back at the week that was…

By Emily Maxwell
Associate Editor

October 20 – The Red Scare kicks into high gear as the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) begins investigating communist influence among Hollywood film stars, directors and writers. A small group known as the “Hollywood 10” resists, saying the investigation is illegal and violates their First Amendment rights, and all are convicted of obstructing the investigation and serve jail terms. Hollywood begins a blacklist of about 325 individuals suspected of communist activity, many of whom use pseudonyms to continue working. – 1947

October 21 – The Dillingham post office is established, named for U.S. Senator William P. Dillingham who had visited the town. Dillingham is the hub of the rich Bristol Bay fishing district. – 1904

October 22 – French philosopher and novelist Jean-Paul Sartre wins, and then declines, the Nobel Peace Prize in Literature, saying he refuses official distinctions and does not want to be “institutionalized.” He also tells the press that he fears the prize will limit the impact of his writing. – 1964

October 23 – Artist and social rights activist Keith Haring is commissioned to paint a mural on the Berlin wall. The mural uses the colors of the German flag and is composed of human figures linked at their hands and feet, signifying unity. By the time the wall comes down in 1991, the mural has been vandalized and painted over by other artists, but Haring is often credited for advocating free movement of East and West Germany. – 1986

Courtesy photo
Artist Keith Haring paints his Berlin Wall Mural in 1986.

October 24 – The United Nations is established to help arbitrate international conflict and negotiate peace. The Second World War is the impetus for Britain, the Soviet Union and the United States to start formulating the original U.N. Declaration, originally signed by 26 countries in 1942 in formal opposition to the Axis Powers of Germany, Italy and Japan. – 1945

October 25 – Artist Pablo Picasso is born in Malaga, Spain. Arguably one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, Picasso goes on to establish Cubism along with Georges Braque in 1909. His most famous work, Guernica, portrays the suffering endured by the Basque town of Guernica after German war planes destroyed the town during the Spanish Civil War. – 1881

October 26 – Red Sox first baseman Bill Buckner lets an easy ground ball roll through his legs in the 10th inning of the sixth game of the World Series against the Mets. Legend has it that the Sox have been cursed since Babe Ruth was sold to the Yankees in 1920 and Buckner’s move only adds to this belief. Says Buckner, “I can’t remember the last time I missed a ball like that, but I’ll remember this one. – 1986