Frozen In Time | Glacier City Gazette
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Frozen In Time

Courtesy photo Mt McKinley, Sydney Laurence's iconic painting

Frozen In Time

A look back at the week that was…

October 8th — Lillian Gatlin becomes the first woman pilot to fly across the United States. — 1922

October 9th — English singer/songwriter, John Winston Lennon is born in Liverpool, England. The “Winston” comes from British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Lennon would later add “Ono” to his middle name in honor of his second wife, Yoko Ono. Lennon is one of the most recognized musicians of all time being part of The Beatles, the most commercially successful band in the history of popular music. — 1940

October 10th — The Panama Canal opens. — 1911
Glacier City Gazette Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Marc Donadieu is born. — 1968

October 11th — Saturday Night Live makes its debut on NBC. — 1975

October 12th — The first Oktoberfest was held when Bavarian royalty invited the citizens of Munich to join together in celebration of the marriage between Crown Prince Kronprinz Ludwig and Princess Therese Charlotte Luise. The outcome was so successful, it has been celebrated every year since. — 1810

October 13th — On this day, first U.S. President George Washington laid the cornerstone of the White House during a ceremony in the new capital of the United States, Washington, D.C. — 1792

October 14th — Sydney Laurence, who gained fame as an Alaska artist, was born in Brooklyn, New York. — 1865

Courtesy Photo Sydney Laurence, 1914

Courtesy Photo
Sydney Laurence, 1914

Courtesy photo Mt McKinley, Sydney Laurence's iconic painting

Courtesy photo
Mt McKinley, Sydney Laurence’s iconic painting