Frozen in Time | Glacier City Gazette
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Frozen in Time

courtesy photo An early Barnum & Baily Circus Poster

Frozen in Time

A look back at the week that was…

By Robert Foran III
Associate Editor

March 11th — Neil Young’s album ‘Harvest’ hits #1 in America, supplanting Don McLean’s ‘American Pie,’ which has been on top for seven weeks. — 1972

March 12th — New Jersey becomes a British colony. — 1664

March 13th — Inventor Eli Whitney patents the cotton gin. — 1793

March 14th — International Airways inaugurated air passenger service between Seattle and Alaska. — 1929

March 15th — Elvis Presley performs his last concert before leaving for the Army, a show at Memphis’ Russwood Park. Aside from two benefit shows in 1961, it is the last Presley concert until 1969.

March 16th — Barnum & Bailey Circus debuts featuring ‘Jumbo The Giant African Elephant.’ — 1881

courtesy photo An early Barnum & Bailey Circus Poster

courtesy photo
An early Barnum & Bailey Circus Poster

March 17th — Reserved in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. “Patricius” as he called himself, is the patron saint of Ireland and credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland. The date observes the traditional date of St. Patrick’s death in 461, whereas his birth year is uncertain. March 17th is also the day he was captured by Irish pirates and taken into slavery from Britain when he was 16.— 432