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Four Valleys Community School

Catherine McDermott / Special to the Glacier City Gazette

Four Valleys Community School

Briana Sullivan
Special to the Glacier City Gazette

Make a Beer Stein, Perfect Babysitting Skills and Music Looping

Create your own beer stein and gift it just in time for the holidays! On Thurs. Nov 10th, Autumn Tetlow, owner of Clay Owen Studio, will guide adults in building their own mugs. Certainly many beverages or items could fill a personalized creation and perhaps keeping it, rather than gifting, is just as fun.

Tetlow is bringing her talent to Girdwood to hold pottery classes for kids as well. Kids age 8-13 can make their own snowflake pottery, earlier on the 10. Sign up before it fills up and learn something new.

Babysitting First Aid Nov. 11 is the class every youth age 11-15 needs to take in order to be a safe, professional and reliable sitter. The American Red Cross Babysitter’s Training Course provides youth with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and responsibly give care for children and infants.

This training will help participants develop leadership skills, keep themselves and others safe, help children with their behavior, and learn about basic childcare and first aid. Scholarships, financial aid, and payment plans available for this class. Forms are available online or in the FVCS office. School is not in session on date of class: sleep in, pack a lunch, and bring your ready attitude for a day of lifelong learning from 10:30-5 p.m.

Music Looping is offered Nov 13 for two workshop groups. This is a hands-on, interactive workshop for those interested in learning the technology of loop stations to create music. Loop stations can be used with instruments or exclusively the human voice. Students will become more comfortable using a microphone and have the opportunity to work collaboratively with others to create group compositions. Prior knowledge of music or experience with loop stations is not necessary for this workshop. Join and have a blast learning this unique technique.

Girdwood school gym for sweat and a good time is the workout of choice this month. Professional trainer Cam Anderson challenged 22 attendants at a recent circuit training class, which takes place Tuesday and Thursday evenings through Dec. 20 from 7:30-8:30 p.m. Bring out your inner athlete and get ready for the ski season with this circuit training boot camp!

Registrants choose their own intensity level, utilizing stations to push personalized pace. Adults own the evenings here. Basketball takes place in between these boot camps each Wednesday night and soccer for teens and adults meets on Mondays at the school gym. Junior high and high school takes the reigns back on Friday nights with Gym Games. With these options, you’re bound to find one that fits your schedule.

If the times don’t, the school track is open for community use Mon.-Fri. nights from 5-9 p.m. when school is in session. Leave your headlamp, reflective gear, or muddy shoes behind when you come on in and move! Your heart’s rate and health will thank you.

Straight from the sidelines, coaches

Indoor soccer coaches shared some take aways from coaching soccer this fall. This six-week program has one more Saturday of games this week.

Julie Pierre Leclerc coached 4-5 year olds and had fun with this age group.

“I like to get involved with the kids in our community. I also hope to play a positive impact in their development,” Leclerc said. “It is fun to take part in teaching them lifelong skills and help them develop good sportsmanship.”

One of her favorite moments this year with the 4-5 year olds was during scrimmage time, when the ball ended up in one corner of the gym.

“As you can imagine, all of them rushed in a big group to get the ball in the corner, except a few kids stayed back and began hanging on the pull-up bars low enough to reach.”

Here, they played monkey bars and totally forgot about the soccer game. Laughing so hard, she realized something: “They are really all about having fun and playing.”

Coach Katra Wedeking found her experience with grades 1-3 impressive this fall: “To watch them learn to spread out, communicate, and pass to each other was amazing. We are having so much fun together and they are really growing into great soccer players.” Coach Matt Green reflected on his summer soccer coaching into indoor soccer changes. “Coaching 1-3 grade soccer has been a challenging and rewarding experience…to see the players’ skills improve over the summer season, and now watch them continue to improve and adapt to the indoor gym environment has been great. All the players have been really enthusiastic to apply their skills.”

Over 60 soccer players and a dozen coaches filled this indoor soccer season for the first time in the new gym. A big thank you to all of our volunteer coaches: Matt Green, Kelly Gray, Kelly Miller, Julie Pierre Leclerc, Erin Leighton, Katra Wedeking, Courtney Ruckel, Gabrielle Hoeslle, Wendi Deschamps, Amy Stone, Catherine Moncrieff and FVCS staff for making this program both possible and successful.

Basketball for both 2-4 and 5-8 grades will begin Nov 14. Practices are Mon./Wed. with games Thurs through Dec 14. Romp-N-Snore Mondays are going strong and make Mon mornings heaps of fun, wrapped with energy, and topped with smiles in the school gym for young children. Supervised exercise and lighthearted activities for less than a price of coffee is a must for a sizable space to run, play, and meet your community. Come check it out through Dec 19.

Painting with acrylics enables youth grades 3-8 create their own art using different brush strokes and acrylic paints. Misty Pekar teaches Sunflowers on Nov. 22 and space is limited.

Pies in time for Turkey Day is full. Hopefully you’ve registered or can follow a recipe since next year’s class is 12 months away. This Pre-Turkey Day class from Girdwood’s own pie baking champion, Tommy O’Malley, is indispensible.

FVCS wishes a heartfelt thank you to the Girdwood Forest Fair Committee for funds donated to provide scholarship and financial aid as well as their dedication to supporting community education. Children and adults alike continue to benefit from this generous community minded donation.

Catherine McDermott / Special to the Glacier City Gazette Make your own beer stein with artist Autumn Tetlow. Pottery classes for kids and adults Nov. 10.

Catherine McDermott / Special to the Glacier City Gazette
Make your own beer stein with artist Autumn Tetlow. Pottery classes for kids and adults Nov. 10.

Catherine McDermott / Special to the Glacier City Gazette

Catherine McDermott / Special to the Glacier City Gazette