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Changes at Glacier City Gazette

Changes at Glacier City Gazette

To our readers and staff,

As the Gazette’s Associate Editor since Fall 2018, I have recently announced that I will be stepping down from the position to pursue other adventures with my family out of state this summer. It has already been recognized that Emily Maxwell has taken over the role, and I am happy and confident to know that she will provide high quality journalism for a paper that is essential to our community.

I was honored to have joined such a team of creative storytellers, editors and photographers and the people I’ve met and spoken to have been unforgettable. I have gained a great deal of knowledge in this field through my experience with the Glacier City Gazette, and I have to thank Marc Donadieu for the opportunity to serve this community. Being a journalist is a labor of love, and I look forward to what lies ahead for me upon leaving Alaska.

A warm heartfelt wave a gratitude goes out to the GCG writing staff, Paul, Matt, Emily, Marc, and my wife, Kelly for all the support.

Let’s keep up the great work!

Robert Foran III

Mike Oviatt / Special to Glacier City Gazette
(L-R) Robert Foran III, previous Associate Editor; Emily Maxwell, Associate Editor; Matthew Bailey, Graphic Designer; Marc Donadieu, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
Glacier City Gazette recently held a staff transition meeting to welcome aboard new Associate Editor Emily Maxwell and to wish well to outgoing Associate Editor Robert Foran III.