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Alyeska at a Glance

Photo courtesy of Alyeska Resort Halloween at The Sitzmark features Lez Zeppelin.

Alyeska at a Glance

By Stephanie Drescher
Special to the Glacier City Gazette

Alyeska is staying busy this season with many events piled on the calendar. The next big one is Halloween with Lez Zeppelin at The Sitzmark Bar & Grill. It’s too scary to be contained in one night, so there will be two spooky nights – Oct. 27 and 28.

Get dressed up in your Halloween finest. Put some effort and care into your costume because two mid-week season passes will be given away each night to the best male and female costume winners. That’s four mid-week season passes that are up for grabs.

One thing we can all do while we wait for snow is eat, and eat we will! The Thanksgiving Buffet will be presented again in the Pond Café and the Kahiltna Court on November 23 from 1:00 – 6:00 p.m. Give the tireless cooks in your family a break this year and let Alyeska serve up a traditional Thanksgiving with all your favorite fixings! Reservations are now being taken.

After Thanksgiving, Alyeska has two questions for you. How much does Santa love skiing and can you ever have too many Santa Clauses? Answers: A lot and we think not!

Santa Ski Free is back. On Dec. 21, the mountain of Alyeska will again be sprinkled with Santa Clauses flying down the slopes. Dress as Santa (hat, beard, jacket and pants), check-in at the ticket office and you are good to ho ho ho! Don’t miss being a part of this year’s group photo. Last year’s was so fantastic with about 700 Santa Clauses all saying cheese.

Even with all these imposters around, it will still be easy to spot the real Santa because he is coming to the Colombia Ballroom on Dec. 21 as well. He will be handing out presents to all the good boys and girls. Parents and guardians can drop off presents at the front desk to be given out by Santa to their wide-eyed believers.

Like the presents in Santa’s hand, Alyeska will wrap up this year nicely with a band that will make you feel alive and ready to tackle 2018. The DeadPhish Orchestra is coming to the Sitzmark Bar & Grill for 3 nights, Dec. 29, 30 and 31.

Deadphish is a quartet of Colorado musicians who used to play Grateful Dead songs and Phish songs. Now, this awesome tribute band has melted them together, showcasing two of the best on one stage. The end of the year is nearing and ski/snowboarding season is coming. While we wait for flurries, join Alyeska Resort and fill this last bit of fall with fun.

Photo courtesy of Alyeska Resort Halloween at The Sitzmark features Lez Zeppelin.



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