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Alaska Wild Harvest – Birch Syrup and Wild Fruit Products

Alaska Wild Harvest – Birch Syrup and Wild Fruit Products


Harvesting Alaska’s Wild Bounty

Alaska Wild Harvest is a true “goods from the woods” Alaska cottage industry that emphasizes the sustainable use of Alaska’s forest resources. Good stewardship and conservation of our forests is essential to the health of our people and the fragile ecosystems in which we hunt, fish, and gather.

Alaska Birch Syrup
Birch Syrup is a truly unique flavor from Alaska’s forests and other northern forests across the globe. Alaska’s boreal forests, carpeted with mixed birch/spruce, are ideal for sustainable syrup production. Birch syrup is rare because it is difficult to produce. Worldwide production of birch syrup is less than 5,000 gallons per year. We are currently the world’s largest producer, making about 1200-1500 gallons of that annually.

Wild Berry Jams and Syrups
Our jams and fruit syrups are made using wild Alaskan blueberries, lingonberries, and salmonberries. We use local raspberries and rhubarb, wild highbush cranberries and rosehips in our wild sauces and syrups.

Wildflower Honey
Our wonderful Alaskan Wildflower honey is collected near McGrath in interior Alaska and in the Susitna Valley in south-central Alaska, in the river valley that flows off the Alaska Range. It is a true raw wildflower honey, blending the nectar from berry and wildflowers of the Alaskan early summer with the fireweed of late summer. It is fine flavored; light to medium amber with a pleasing floral sweetness.

Birch Water
Our Alaska Wild Birch Water is the pure springtime sap of Alaska birch trees tapped in the boreal forest near Talkeetna, Alaska. Birch water, filtered through the tree, contains approximately 1% naturally occurring sugars and an abundance of minerals. Traditionally used as a spring tonic, the sap is refreshing, energizing and hydrating.

Chaga Tea & Extract
Our pure, cold climate Alaska chaga is sustainably harvested primarily in the winter from wild Alaskan birch trees near our homestead in Alaska’s remote Susitna Valley. Because it grows far from air and water pollution, our chaga is prized for its purity.

Order Alaska Wild Harvest handcrafted products online, or come along and visit our Taste, Tour and Shop facility in Talkeetna to sample our products before you buy.

Contact Info:

Phone: 907-373-1309
Taste, Tour & Shop Facility: Mile 1.1, Talkeetna Spur Road, Talkeetna, Alaska


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