The ‘Local’ Look Back | Glacier City Gazette
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The ‘Local’ Look Back

The ‘Local’ Look Back

Spanning January, 1981 to December, 2000, the Local News was a community-created monthly reaching Bird Creek, Indian, Portage and Girdwood bearing news and cheer of note as penned by residents, themselves.

Advocates declared the Local News “the essence of what community education is all about” and the Gazette is proud to keep its tradition alive in its ‘Local’ look back.

Movement was initiated toward what would mark an evolutionary valley building step when, in January of 1985, development plans for then “Texaco Corner” were unveiled.

Volume six, issue one of The Local News reported, in 1985, that “John Trautner, long time resident of Girdwood announced plans for a commercial center at “Texaco” corner. Designs stipulated a naturally blending aesthetic construction purposed for basic community services and featuring 2,500 commercially purposed square feet.

Expected business presences included fueling station, grocers, pharmacy, dining and office space. Project estimates referenced the valley economy to be supported by creation of forty to sixty new jobs.