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Sunny Sends

Sunny Sends

By Lindsey Helmbrecht
Powder Hound

Alaska weather is so fickle. I always find I’m either working on the sunny days, or they are a complete surprise. I’m the person that’s always trying the last minute scramble to make the best use of my day. No matter what type of adventurer you are – I hope this article inspires you to do a few things around our heavenly mountain town or find the time to change up the scenery.

Biking! I’ve noticed that some of the trails are starting to get busy. That’s when you venture off and start exploring the trails that we have around Kenai Peninsula. Crescent Lake Trail is an 18.5-mile round trip with rocky switchbacks to climb, wildflower meadows and a public use cabin for overnight trips. Johnson Pass Trail is a 10-23 mile adventure. Don’t forget to pack a pole because both lakes have decent fishing. In the opposite direction is a 16-mile downhill trail at Hatcher Pass, with 2.5 miles of rolling downhill that is accessible by truck or shuttle to check out nature’s own Downhill Park, sporting awesome berms, tables and views. Short on time? Soak up the sun with closer and faster peddle-fixes like Kincaid Park, Hilltop Ski Area, or Winner Creek.

Paddle Boards! Powder Hound has high quality inflatable boards. BOTE Inflatables are the perfect way to travel near or far without having to borrow a truck or take up extra cooler space. Simply request for your board to be deflated or inflated for pick up and transport to your destination of choice. As for destination inspiration, try Moose Flats, Kenai Lake/River or Portage Lake.

Trekking! Not a biker or boarder? I always feel my best when I finish a tough hike. North Face is always a favorite and is now ready for hikers. Fun day trips outside Girdwood include Gull Rock, Lost Lake, Crow Pass, Flattop and Hidden Lake.

And don’t forget to share your adventure with the crew by tagging @powderhoundak. Happy Summer!