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Ski Season Approaches

Ski Season Approaches

After a great fall, our favorite season is approaching!

We may be having a bit of an awkward start to the season, but we all know that this is Alaska and the snow can come overnight to makeup for the late fall we’ve received. It’s been great seeing those of you getting after it in the backcountry lately, and I hope it only continues as the snowpack becomes more stable and Old Man Winter turns his magical charm on the Chugach.

That being said, we all need to make sure our gear is in line and functioning before the slopes get good. Nobody wants to be caught on a powder day wishing they had taken care of their boot problems before standing at the top of a fun line, pausing while their feet get blood flow and watching everybody else track it up.

This time of year is when all the ski veterans perform a thorough check on all of their equipment to make sure their bases aren’t dry, their boot buckles function and their outerwear still has some waterproofing left. And, of course, that their foot beds still have life left. If you do not have a foot bed, then now is the time because there is absolutely no ski boot on the market that will ski at its potential until there is a supportive element under the foot.

And if you do not know what a foot bed is, then your boot fitter has not done the job of informing you on just how comfortable a boot can feel, even after a long day on the mountain. There are many types of arches and just as many types of support to accommodate.

Make sure your gear is in working order. If you are in the market for a new pair of boots (and yes, the technology has changed a lot in the past decade), there is no better time to get set up than now. Your local ski shops have a full inventory this time of season. And while you’re deciding where to shop for new boots, make sure it is where you will be spending most of your time skiing.

Boot fitting is a process, and there are a ton of small tweaks that can be done to perfect the feel. This adjustment can be an easy few minutes off the hill if you can ski up to where you purchased the boots and have a professional boot fitter make a quick fix to get you back out enjoying the day. And in case you haven’t heard, Powder Hound is now the proud home of five certified, highly trained boot fitters to take care of your every need, whether you purchased your boots with us or anywhere else.

So hold on, keep strong, and get excited. When the snow comes, it will be the epic season we’ve all been waiting for.

We look forward to seeing all of you in the mountains this winter!

Sincerely in snow,
Your Powder Hound Crew



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