Obituary - Professor Emeritus Joseph Clay Nunnally | Glacier City Gazette
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Obituary – Professor Emeritus Joseph Clay Nunnally

Photo courtesy of Nunnally family Professor Emeritus Joseph Clay Nunnally

Obituary – Professor Emeritus Joseph Clay Nunnally

Professor Emeritus Joseph Clay Nunnally, 76, passed away peacefully at home April 23, 2018.

Clay was born in Birmingham, Alabama. He graduated in1968 from Texas Tech University with a Ph.D. in Romanticism and Victorian Literature.

With Adventure in his step, Clay moved to Alaska in 1971, accepting a position at A.C.C., which eventually turned into U.A.A., where he taught for 45 years. He retired May 2015. He loved teaching and had a passion for his students and will be remembered for his pince-nez glasses, three-piece suits never absent of a carnation, and his southern charm and gentle disposition. He loved running into former students and catching up!

Clay took a drive to Girdwood shortly after moving to Alaska and instantly fell in love with the charming community of less than 200 residents. He knew he had found his forever home and built his dream cabin in the woods with the brook running through the backyard.

Clay and his wife Linda knew each other for 35 years. Clay proposed to Linda during Christmas of 1993. They traveled to Scotland May of 1994 and did their vows in the oldest church of England in Edinburgh! They had a fairytale wedding and honeymoon.

Clay and Linda were often seen walking through the quaint little town waving to neighbors and friends. They enjoyed having conversations along the way. They enjoyed a lifetime traveling Alaska, camping and hiking the great outdoors!

Since retirement, Clay and Linda loved spending every moment together, whether it was sitting by a roaring fire reading their favorite books or listening to the rain hit the red tin roof. On a whim, they would drive to Seward and spend the day. They loved hosting family gatherings and spend time with the grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Clay is survived by his wife Linda Nunnally, niece Sally Nunnally, step children Rodney Higdon, Tia Salas, step daughter-in-law Lisa Higdon, step son-in-law Nathaniel Salas, grandchildren Colin and Ryan Neace, Ellie and Chris Hamerlee, great grandchildren Cooper and Winsor Clay Neace, Shia and Rowan Hamerlee.

Photo courtesy of Nunnally family Professor Emeritus Joseph Clay Nunnally

Photo courtesy of Nunnally family
Professor Emeritus Joseph Clay Nunnally