Love and Marriage: A Letter about Skiing | Glacier City Gazette
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Love and Marriage: A Letter about Skiing

Love and Marriage: A Letter about Skiing

By Lindsey Helmbrecht
Powder Hound

“You date your skis and you marry your boots.” I forgot where I heard that quote, but I truly take it to heart. I’m not sure if my conviction stems from my marriage to a Master Fit Certified Boot Fitter or if it’s because I credit my advancement to my new found hobby, comfy feet.

This is my third season skiing. Whether that’s blinding flat light or new terms like “death cookie” or “poodle turns,” I am so new to skiing that every time I ride the chairlift, I experience something interesting. That said, my passion, desire and curiosity toward skiing exceeds my current intermediate skillset. I’m so new to skiing that I don’t even own all the right equipment yet! I still rent most of my stuff but I’m looking for things like these powder skis to buy and actually be able to call them my own.

You don’t have to be an expert to demo skis. As a beginner to intermediate level skier, I have been lucky to try all different types of skis. To meet Alaska’s varying conditions, I set up with a different ski for each occasion. During my demo research – I have learned that finding YOUR ski is very important. Some skis actually make your favorite runs better or your least favorite runs your new infatuation. I can even argue that some skis actually help me ski better.

Usually I am a creature of habit, but I can’t let that side of me come out during my new relationship with skiing. I believe that you become better by exceeding your comfort level. Being mindful in uncomfortable situations is the key to advancement. You may think you know but, then again, you might not. The ski industry is ever-full of new technology.

I am no expert, but if you stroll into Powder Hound on an adventurous day, they will be able to suggest a ski specific to your ability, the conditions, and what you want to change in your skiing relationship. Whether it’s breaking up with your current skis and dating a new set, marrying a boot or sprucing up an old flame with a boot punch or a base grind, be prepared for the flame of passion.

Ski yaa’ round!

Oh yeah… Powder Hound will be having a FREE DEMO DAY at the base of the magic carpet on Sat., Jan. 27 from 11 a.m-6 p.m. See you there!



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