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Four Valleys Community School

Photo courtesy FVCS Who wants to fuse some glass?

Four Valleys Community School

Photo courtesy FVCS Who wants to fuse some glass?

Photo courtesy FVCS
Who wants to fuse some glass?

Briana Sullivan

The weather is enticing us outside to play and bestowing rich sunshine the last several days. Getting out there often cultivates creativity and a renewed perspective. Recharging time thereafter happens naturally or is required for best results. Upcoming classes have just the ticket to harness that energy. FVCS offers art classes with purpose and color to sustain the solar energy we gain each day.

Due to our full February class, local artist Laura Walter is back to lead a session of fused glass in March. Absolute beginners to those with experience can create a plate, bowl, window or wall hanging from glass. Use your finished product or gift your creation. Secure your space today for classes Mar. 5 and 7.

Local artist Barbara Lydon is hosting a colorful lineup of classes for adults and kids throughout March. Beginning this week, artists can construct a clay birdhouse or utilitarian vessel using clay slabs. Complete functional, watertight pieces and explore texture and construction techniques. Ages 15 to adult join Mar. 2 and 22.

With more sunshine pouring in the windows it’s a great time to plant some seeds and watch your garden grow. Create personalized clay planters with saucers for grades 1-5 Mar. 5 and 21. Time to grow your garden as well adults: Mar. 7 and 23 is a custom class to create a planter with saucer or vessel instead. Pieces are glazed during the second class for a watertight finish.

Right after spring break, channel your inner-hippie with far out funky tie-dye for kids on Tue. Mar. 20 for grades 1-8. Learn a variety of tying techniques and finish with two shirts set you up for Forest Fair.

More classes are online at Join our Facebook page for great photos of what is always going on.