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Photo courtesy of Powder Hound The view from high up Alyeska Resort.


By Powder Hound

Countless times this ski season a generalized weather overview for Girdwood has translated to the following conditions: downright frigid with sparse or no new precipitation. In these instances, details are typically vague and the scope of mountain weather obscure, namely at Alyeska Resort. Fortunately review of reliable sources like Alyeska’s daily snow report for local mountain weather and conditions reduces chances of missing out on some critical data revealing atmospheric occurrences like inversions.

Girdwood has been no stranger to inversions this year. The phenomenon traps cold air below warm, and may or may not be accompanied by cloud layer. While a general weather report might indicate Girdwood has a high in the single digits, when an inversion is involved, temperature will be warmer as one gains elevation. This information is important when planning and preparing for your day at the resort given that you’ll likely encounter variability in mountain conditions.

With inversions, ski runs from the base to mid-mountain will very likely ski and be affected differently than those mid-mountain and above. Taking into consideration not only the outright influence of temperature on the characteristics of the snow, but also the influence of daylight, or lack thereof, on snow conditions, one should expect to encounter variable conditions.

For this reason, and with the way this ski season is shaping up, skiing an all-mountain plank can be clutch. Be it soft and fluffy, or hard and cruddy, an all-mountain ski affords you generous flexibility when it comes to carving on or off piste. And for those special occasions when snow accumulation is more than a mere smattering of dust over crust, again, an all-mountain ski can still afford you a stellar glide plus wind down the mountain side.

Whether you’re ready to purchase your first set of skis, or you’re looking to update or add to your current ski collection, Powder Hound ski shop has a variety of all-mountain ski options. Dynastar Legend 96, Volkl 90Eight and Atomic Vantage 95 are a few all-mountain skis to choose from, and they are fine options. The next time you find your way into Powder Hound, check out the line of skis available for demo and purchase.

One final note: in addition to selecting an all-mountain ski that best suits your style, it is also important to maintain a proper ski tune. Your tools are only as good as the condition they are in. It would be wise not to falter in this department. Any questions or tuning services can further be directed to this ski shop, as Powder Hound is ready to assist you on your way to becoming the skier who, perhaps, you haven’t thought you could become. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy of Powder Hound The view from high up Alyeska Resort.

Photo courtesy of Powder Hound
The view from high up Alyeska Resort.