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Turnagain Times Tidbits

Turnagain Times Tidbits

By Marc Donadieu
Glacier City Gazette

Now that Turnagain Times has passed into the annals of history, it’s appropriate to look back at its 20-year past after its final issue was published Nov. 3, 2017. The following excerpt is from Turnagain Times Vol. 1, No. 5, published Aug. 6, 1998 as a short article on page 1 without a writer credit. Once the former pirate radio station received FCC approval, it became KEUL Glacier City Radio 88.9 FM that we hear in in Girdwood Valley today.

The Girdwood radio pirates of last summer are now legal. On July 20, the Federal Communications Commission granted the Girdwood Community Club a permit to build a radio station in Girdwood at 88.9 on the FM dial. Lewis Leonard, President of the Girdwood Community Club and Station Manager, said the new station would have 19 watts of power with a transmitter and antenna at the top of the Alyeska tram. He expects the station will reach across the Turnagain Arm to Hope and as far north as Indian.

Leonard says the station is presently looking for equipment. He hopes to get a used studio transmitter for free from a company in California-a savings of several thousand dollars. The microwave link will send the station’s signal from its studio next to Chair 5 Restaurant in downtown Girdwood to a receiving antenna at the top of the tram.